How much do Bollywood celebrities pay for PR?

PR packages of reputed publicity firms in Bollywood range from 50k INR to 150k INR per month for Celebrity PR.

The pricing varies a lot from the duration of months of the PR packages, to what PR activities are offered in them.

For PR of a full film (which in compasses many more activities compared to personal PR for celebs) the price range is from around 6 lakh to 20 lakh for the whole film.

Note that these prices vary from agency to agency and also fluctuate from time to time. For example some PR agencies suffered losses during Coronavirus lockdowns, so they agreed to take new work at discounted pricing. Some raised their pricing to compensate for the reduced quantity of work. Others did not change their pricing. There were a few who thrived during the lockdowns and raised their pricing to choose and select high-paying clients.

So you see, there are all kinds of permutations-combinations as well as fluctuations in PR pricing. This makes it difficult to have an average figure in PR fees.

PR fees also fluctuate a lot on deliverables. Some PRs focus on quantity articles, whereas others focus on quality. Some old agencies offer more of traditional print media, while others have done away with print and shifted to web media as the mainstream media.

In exceptional cases, there are celebs who require targeted PR exercises or PR hype. PR packages tailored to such requirements are different from the regular packages.

Also, crisis management PR packages cost more than the regular imaging, publicity and hype PR packages.

Thus, to conclude, the range of pricing of PR packages by PR agencies is quite big. The key factor here is, which package is more suitable for which celebrity at that point in time.

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