How much does it cost to do music PR for a song or music video in India?

Music PR and Promotions for singers, music albums, songs, singles, music composers and music videos depend on which websites are targeted.

Music PR for a song or a music video typically lasts for 3 months. There are articles done pre-release, on-release, and post-release. The costs vary depending on the types of websites targeted.

In India, paid media has caught up, and most legacy and veteran websites indulge in paid news. Thus, digital marketing rates vary significantly from website to website.

As far as organic PR on new age websites is concerned, the cost could range from around Rs. 75,000 per month to Rs. 3.5 lakh per month, depending on the publicist and PR package chosen.

Though three-month PR packages are most preferable, makers with smaller PR budgets also opt for one-month exercises to suit their financial constraints.

However, one-month PR packages for music PR in India may seem cheaper compared to standard three-month packages, but they often end up being more expensive due to higher costs associated with shorter-term campaigns.

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