Priyamani attacks Bollywood PR tactics and rues paparazzi charges

Actress Priyamani recently shared intriguing insights into Bollywood’s paparazzi culture while promoting her upcoming regional film Bhamakalapam 2. She disclosed that many seemingly spontaneous celebrity photos, especially at airports and gyms, are actually carefully orchestrated publicity stunts.

Manufacturing fame

In a discussion with the media, Priyamani recounted an incident after wrapping up her film Jawan, where a media agency representative revealed the manufactured nature of these photo ops. She expressed surprise at the high prices celebrities pay photographers to stage these contrived sessions.

‘Father of Bollywood PR’ explains

In response, veteran Bollywood publicist Dale Bhagwagar who is known to control the discourse for Bollywood celebs through many entertainment news websites, explains that organized publicity is now commonplace to manage celebrity images striking an authenticity that resonates with fans. Dale Bhagwagar is often referred to as ‘the father of Bollywood PR’ for bringing organization and structure to the entertainment publicity industry in India.

“The industry has seen a paradigm shift in the way celebrities manage their image. While orchestrated publicity is common, it’s crucial to strike a balance, ensuring authenticity resonates with the audience,” he remarks.

“Public relations should complement talent, fostering a genuine connection between stars and their fans,” adds the PR expert adding that the PR machinery in India is evolving at a fast rate post the pandemic.

He feels that after the acceptance of AI, things are going to move at a breakneck speed in the PR industry for the next five years, and many in the old guard will face extinction, if they do not evolve with the changing times.

Celebrity PR and paparazzi culture

Meanwhile, actress Priyamani’s comments spotlight the lengths celebrities go to curate their public perception underscoring evolving publicity dynamics in contemporary celebrity culture in India.

Beyond discussing celebrity PR, Priyamani’s recent cinematic ventures include her role in the political thriller Article 370 starring Yami Gautam, which has received mixed reviews. In her film review in the Indian Express, journalist and film critic Shalini Langer has given it 2-and-a-half stars, saying it “mixes facts with fiction.”

Earlier, Priyamani gained some traction in Bollywood for her role in the acclaimed series Family Man starring Manoj Bajpayee. Her notable work also encompasses a small appearance in the 2023 blockbuster film Jawan starring Shah Rukh Khan.

Her comments on Bollywood PR and paparazzi culture provide insight into the meticulous media orchestration behind the scenes prompting deeper reflection on the complex interplay of fame, branding and public relations in Indian entertainment.

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