What does a publicist do for a music artist?

A music PR or Bollywood publicist is a perfect person who can help a music artist and their music become popular.

A bridge between media outlets and the music artist, the publicist helps to popularize songs by issuing News Releases / Press Releases and getting the news published on various news websites including National News websites, Bollywood News websites, Lifestyle News websites, Business News websites, Tech News websites and even Bollywood Trade News websites at times.

Right from the announcement phase to the tour phase, the PR professional works with the artist and strengthens their PR efforts.

They offer inside gossip, news releases, music PR hype, photographs, glimpses of marketing efforts, event coverage etc to entertainment journalists in order to create a buzz about the song, single, album or music video release of their PR clients. This way, more people come to know about the new music song, single or album release and it grows in popularity.

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